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Should I test E-911?
If ViaTalk is your primary means to contact emergency services we recommend that you place a test call after you have entered your current address within the ViaTalk Control Panel. To submit your address please perform the following steps:

* Log into your Control Panel.
* Select the desired phone number at the top of the page with the drop-down menu titled 'Currently Using #:'
* Click 'Change' if applicable
* Under 'Advanced Features' select 'E911'
* If the fields are blank or incorrect, input your full name and address and select 'Update'

If the update does not process correctly, please submit a support ticket to the E911 Dept.

Once you have confirmed that your physical address has been updated, you may place a single test call to 911. When placing your test call, please use the following script:

Caller: 'This is a non-emergency call. I am making a test call from a VoIP line.'

* 'Do you see my Call Back Number on your display?'
* 'Were you able to retrieve ALI information? Can you verify the address that displayed?'
* 'Does the information on your display appear in the proper fields?'
* 'Is this the correct PSAP for a residence in [Township/County]?'

If they do not receive your information, you may submit a support ticket to our 911 Dept so they may review your case to be sure you are being routed correctly.

Please be advised that not all PSAPs are enabled to receive enhanced data from VoIP lines. If this is the case, your calls will be routed to a PSAP-designated 10 digit number. With this status you have Basic 911 service until the PSAP is enabled to receive the enhanced data. PSAP upgrades are being performed across the country daily. You may contact your local PSAP coordinator for more information.

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